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September 2, 2021


Would like to channel the sweet cereals and also create Homemade Sugar-Free Grain-Free Granola rather?

It is the very easy homemade sugar-free pantry dish everybody's been praising around.

You may create your homemade granola coming from components that are most likely being in your pantry at this moment.

As well as that does not adore simple healthy pantry dishes?

Keto Recipe Granola

Assume standard granola is healthy? Reconsider. It is an opportunity to recognize what to appreciate (and also what to stay away from).

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What You Will certainly Discover:


Is Granola Healthy?

Homemade Sugar-Free Grain-Free Granola could be healthy, it depends upon the elements as well as if it has sugarcoated, honey, agave, high fructose corn syrup, or even maple syrup.

A lot of granola, muesli, as well as cereals are produced along with high starch grains including oats, wheat, as well as barley.

Keto Grains

When you recognize exactly how they raise your blood glucose, you might desire to quit or even minimize all of them in your diet regimen

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What is wrong with regular boxed cereal/granola?

You believe your grain, granola, or even muesli is actually "healthy".

It has lots of whole grains, has some daily vitamins, and also becomes part of a balanced time.

It begins you off effectively as well as maintain you complete.

It is organic consequently must be healthy? Unfortunately, these are all myths.

How to Make Chocolate Grain-Free Granola

The creation of breakfast cereal is among the initial fast food.

They are cheap to create and also are viewed as an effortless response to the early morning schedule.

They have ended up being nothing at all much more than a bowl of sugar, corn, or even wheat, along with milk as well as vitamins included.

Breakfast has ended up being dessert.

If you may know what mistakes along with breakfast cereals you are going to comprehend what mistakes along with modern-day food production, marketing, whole grains, the Heart Foundation tick, why slim is confusing (and also may boost your threat of cardiovascular disease), as well as exactly how sugar has discovered its technique right into whatever our experts consume.

Granola and also cereals are packaged in vivid, dynamic, impressive plans targeting mostly little ones.

Or even the "healthy cereals" normally have areas and also attribute on the front end, as well as normally in brownish recycled paper cartons, to in some way offer it "sustainable as well as healthy" qualifications.

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As well as if you presume it is only little ones' grain that contains high quantities of sugar, reconsider.

Enjoy the video recording listed below to find the amount of sugar (natural or otherwise) that is concealed in also "healthy" cereals.

The majority of people likewise begin their time through consuming a glass of "natural, healthy" fruit juice, and now you have reviewed your limitation of sugar for the time.

Attempting to obtain folks to recognize why a wholegrain cereal, as well as a glass of juice, is thus poor, is rather considerably like attacking your head versus a block wall structure.

That is the energy of the food marketing and advertising market.

top Granola healthy Myths

Myth 1: Whole grains benefit you

Whole grains are high in carbs, raises blood glucose level considerably, leads to insulin spikes, enhances appetite, triggers leaky gut, malabsorption of vitamins, packed with gluten, gliadin, and also amylopectin A.

Modern wheat (which is CERTAINLY NOT the like wheat consumed through our ascendants for centuries) might be a trigger for an autoimmune condition like type 1 diabetes, dementia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis among others.

Take home message - Wheat is a rapidly absorbed carbohydrate with a high GI full of reactive proteins causing a leaky gut.

Recipe Granola

Myth 2: Cereals are packed with vitamins

An additional fallacy supplied to you is due to the cereal business.

This is considering that they are fortified along with synthetic vitamins and also minerals.

Cereals are actually removed of their nutrients during processing and also they are fortified, they come to be socially appropriate processed grains.

Why perform you presume they present a bowl of grain along with milk as well as berries?

To provide you the concept you are consuming a balanced breakfast.

The grain on its own is nearly incidental to the vitamin consumption coming from the fortification or even the included fruit as well as dairy.

By including nutrients, grain makers may produce wellness cases and also raise purchases.

Several kinds of cereal merely acquire wellness celebrity scores as a result of the enhancement of dairy to the fulfilling.

To generate corn flakes, they take the kernel and also clear away the outer husk, to permit the sugar, malt, and also salt to pass through.

They take out the inner germ which includes oil given that the oil goes bad as well as will reduce the long life span and also lessen earnings.

It receives prepared, dried, presented, cooked.

They transform cheap grain right into costs items by marketing, advertising, fortifying as well as processing.

Take home message - Cereals are not packed with naturally occurring vitamins, they are fortified and ultra-processed.

Keto Grains

Myth 3: It's organic so must be healthy

Yes, organic items are terrific and also do not have the chemicals and also deposits of various other cereals, yet this does not alter their carb/fat/protein content.

Sugar and also carbs will raise your insulin despite whether they are actually organic, natural, or even extremely processed.

Sugar, honey, Medjool dates, dried fruit ALL OF are observed due to the physical body as sugar and also raise insulin, boost appetite, cease weight loss, as well as market fat storage.

Take away notification - organic cereals may be equally as high carb/sugar as non-organic items.

Take home message - Organic cereals can be just as high carb/sugar as the non-organic products.

Myth 4: Low-fat cereals are better

Low-fat simply implies they have reduced the authentic fat content.

What was the fat switched out along with? You supposed it, sugar.

Following the opportunity, you reside in the grocery store, contrast 2 items that are regular and also reduced-fat (or even lite).

Check out their carb content as well as sugar content. I am thinking you'll locate the reduced-fat grain (or even any kind of reduced-fat item for that concern) is greater in carbs.

Why? Given that when you eliminate one thing, you need to change it along with another thing, and also sugar incorporates taste as well as reputation.

Take away information - low-fat items have the fat taken out, as well as have sugar included in providing it flavor as well as drug.

Take home message - Low-fat products have the fat removed, and have sugar added to give it flavour and substance.

Myth 5: It has a heart foundation tick thus must benefit my heart?

Once again this is marketing.

There are primary calls for the Heart Foundation to absolutely reassess their referrals on body fats and also sugar, and also, providers practically re-formulate their items to accommodate the standards to acquire the Heart Foundation Tick.

Research after research has frequently revealed that low-fat diet plans carry out certainly not quit cardiovascular disease, however, might raise your threat.

The simple fact that cereals including 27% sugar may be rewarded the tick, is rather horrendous.

Keto Grains

Sugar-free breakfast suggestions

I understand your early morning is occupied yet listed below is what our experts eat breakfast daily.

My kids create their personal, or even it takes a min or even 2 to create a prepared breakfast in the microwave.

  • Make a big batch of grain-free granola recipe (below) and it will last a few weeks
  • Chaffles are quick and popular for kids (and adults). Only 2 ingredients and cooks in 2 minutes.
  • Easy keto waffles (chocolate or vanilla recipes).
  • Meal prep chia seed breakfast the night before.
  • 2-minute scrambled eggs with cheese and any leftover veggies.
  • Nutty granola, coconut free.
  • Yoghurt and coconut cream with berries.
  • Leftovers are MASTER!
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Sugar Free Granola
  • It is such a versatile pantry dish. You may quickly exchange in/out various nuts as well as seeds to what you have readily available and also the flavor may simply be altered to chocolate, fennel, sugar-cinnamon, and so on
  • The grain-free granola may be always kept for a handful of full weeks, as well as also frozen for months.
  • By constantly possessing a sizable source of sugar-free and also grain-free granola in your cabinet, suggests breakfast fasts, simple, healthy, nutritious ADDITIONALLIES it will maintain you on course..

Spot all the coconuts, seeds as well as nuts in a huge roasting or even baking food along with high edges.

Recipe Granola
Recipe Granola

This dish consists of cinnamon and also ginger, however, any type of much-loved breakfast flavor is going to perform.

When you find out exactly how to produce the general grain-free granola, you can easily try out all the flavors you presently like.

I have created cinnamon grain-free granola, fennel, and also ginger grain-free granola as well as chocolate grain-free granola.

Recipe Granola

Keto Chocolate Grain-Free Granola

Would like to channel the sweet cereals and also create homemade grain-free granola rather? It is the very easy homemade sugar-free pantry dish everybody's been praising around.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 3 cups
Calories 317 kcal


  • 250 g 3 cups desiccated/shredded coconut chips/flakes
  • 60 g ½ cup flaxseeds/linseeds
  • 100 g ⅔ cup sunflower seeds
  • 100 g ⅔ cup pumpkin seeds
  • 70 g 1 cup walnuts chopped
  • 50 g ¼ cups coconut oil melted
  • 1 tbsp 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 2-4 tbsp granulated sweetener of choice or more to your taste optional


  • Place all the coconuts, seeds and nuts in a large roasting or baking dish with high sides.
  • Melt the coconut oil and add the cinnamon and ginger. Add sweetener if required. This is completely optional and may be a useful addition for beginners.
  • Pour over the grain-free granola mix and mix thoroughly with a large spoon or spatula. Make sure everything has a fine coating of the oil and spices.
  • Bake at 180C / 350F for 20 minutes.
  • The mixture can burn very easily so I turn the mixture with the large spoon
  • every 3 minutes.
  • Allow to cool thoroughly and place in airtight containers.


Add any other spices or flavourings you may enjoy such as orange zest, cardamom, cocoa powder.
Serving size is ½ cup approx 42g. = 4.1g net carbs
Keyword breakfast, cereals, grain-free, grains, granola, sugar-free
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